Pants Fail. Free Pants.

Two pairs of pants, many lessons learned.

For the first pair, which are a draft for a Baby Hobo design, several things didn't go down the way I hoped.  The shape is based on an idea of some Japanese baby pants I've seen- or at least the concept of them, which is that baby clothes be shaped like baby clothes and not like small adult clothes.  They always look like maybe the baby is hiding another baby in there.  They're balloony, swaddly and crazy fitting.  Lots of emphasis on the backside.  Rightly so.  Cute.

My first pass at this design is, to my eye, in the wrong colors and looks overwrought. A little too much detail and contrast.  And the cuffs will have to be tighter to get the fitting I want.  But they are a good, cute, sturdy pair of pants.  Probably for a boy is my guess.  So you can have them.  They fit about a 12 monther and they're pretty thick and snuggly- not summer pants.

These other ones I'm keeping, even though the kneepads are in the wrong spot and the waistband is just a little tight.  But they're a good summer weight.  T-shirts of course.

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