A hat for in-between weather...

You know what this hat is perfect for?  A pre-8am walk on a spring/ summer morning.  Not a chook and not a summer hat, it's a t-shirt layer and a sweatshirt layer, living together in freaking adorable harmony.  A classic bicyclist shape.

I want to tell you how surprised I am that I made this hat and that its shape is exactly how I wanted it to be.  I mean, the chances!  I'm pretty proud of myself, I won't lie.  An old gentleman on that morning walk today said, "Great hat!" and I was satisfied at the immediate opportunity to brag.  It's bad like that and I'm sorry.  But whatever, a hat is really hard to make, you guys!

(It's just pure luck that it's the same color as the Weiner Mobile.)

Go hobo.

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