Mother's Well with Motherwell

I'm sorry!  I couldn't resist that title.  I tried, I was like, "It's dorky, Lisa.  And not in a cute way.  Don't post it." and then my other personality was all, "Shut up, it's true.  It is true that a Mother's well with Motherwell, in this particular case."  And so that's what I wrote,  thus ending a small schizophrenic battle in my head.

Onto the threads.  This fine quality sweatshirt, of a brand I won't name, set me back a whopping 30 cents.  It put thirteen Boll weevils  out of work since I was re-using an already existing garment,  and it made me dig deep and re-consider my aversion to yellow of this shade.   Not least, it gave me a canvas on which to lay down a quick and simple design based on today's inspiration- 1970's Robert Motherwell collages.

And there you have it.

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  1. Well, Mofo. That's tasty wearing.