As Promised, the Shrinking Shorts

What better way to show off some long rolly legs than in a pair of shorts even shorter than the last.  These are made looser, and as is my custom of late, feature double sewn seams for durability and fashions.  The cuffs are a bit looser especially, but still prevent a view of London and France during multi-directional playground athletics.

These will be part of the Baby Hobo line sometime soon.  If you want a pair now, e-mail me and I'll make you some for dollars numbering 28 + shipping.  I will.  You can be an Early Adopter.  Of baby shorts by Baby Hobo.  Heck, I will go so far as to handcraft these in larger kids sizes should you have the wherewithal to measure the waist of the kids in question.

Oh, and speaking of Baby Hobo, I'm going all out and including a little half-inch side tag on all my garments (disclosure: it's not like there are rolling racks of the Baby Hobo collection lining the walls, but there might be in the coming months if I can figure out, from scratch, how to begin a small children's clothing label). 

Designed by the fabulous Libby Vanderploeg.  Check it out:

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  1. Look at how official those tags are! Holy cow! You grow ever more impressive.

    These really ought to be available in size 271.5 months.