Quilt Madness

Because I am person of my word, I have here a small selection of quilts I admire.

Of course any pre-novice of modern quilting would be remiss not to have something by Denyse Schmidt on their list, so here's my pick, from her "Lebanon" Series:

And Leah Evans makes these truly clever, beautiful topographical map quilts that I really really wish I had thought of first.


Oh, and Kim at Dioramarama made this. I found it on Quilter's Buzz. Because I was looking at Quilter's Buzz.

I am fond of these brave color combinations. If someone said, "Hey, what do you think if I put some acid green in a quilt with some jet black in it?" To that person I would say, "Do not show me this quilt. It is an ugly quilt." And I would be wrong.

And last but definitely not least, this gorgeous one from Katie Did.


  1. hey, I've met Leah Evans! and her quilts are spectacular and so well made. She's even having a show here in Madison at the moment. I think Anna Von Merken's quilts are fantastic, especially the one where the quilting she did is actually the topography of the bodies as they appear underneath the quilt.

  2. I reserve the e-phrase "OMG" for rare occasions when I am just stunned. Meg, those are so amazing. I can't get over them.

    Thanks so much for bringing them to my attention.