Barfing in Style

I completed my first commission, which is this set of six burp cloths- inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly. I know A LOT of burp cloth designs are inspired by pioneers of modern minimalist painting, but I still couldn't resist. I thought it would be nice to have a set of colorful (though not in too dark colors) cloths to mix in with the otherwise utilitarian ones that will no doubt abound. They are for a set of triplets, so these will end up in a load of wash with likely 20 other cloths per day. I hope they bring a little sparkle to that chore.

As for me, I used to be an art dealer. While I was admittedly pretty small time, I did have my share of glamorous escapades and was involved a few rather high-minded projects over the years in sophisticated locations around the world. Now I sew rags for babies to puke on. A decidedly dramatic improvement in quality of life.


  1. Lisa, These are so cool! Much better than the boring white burp clothes. Very cool!

  2. Lisa, nice job...the site is awesome! AND...the clothing...amazing! you are quite the talent, i tell ya! miss you!

  3. this is awesome in so many ways.