A Good Thing, Cashmere

It's not me. I didn't make these. They are by Aqua, sold at New York Design Room.

I love them. It's nice to see things made of re-purposed cashmere that are well styled and don't smiggity smack of being re-purposed. What I want to know though, is where did they get such quantities of consistently colored and textured cashmere? I smell an overrun at the factory. Does that count as "upcycled"? With things like these and like the wares designed and produced by LooptWorks, I think maybe "Rescued" materials might be a more accurate term.

It doesn't matter, they're lovely. I found them at Haute Nature.

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  1. Okay, I am 99% certain that these used to be called something else. And that I sold an astonishing amount of them when I worked at a different, WAY more expensive kids' store. And that you totally shouldn't give babies cashmere, because then they'll have nothing to aspire to.