Baby Hobo is Born!

A lot has been going on in the House of Solar lately. A lot of work, very little product.

First, I am redesigning my baby cravats with a break-away velcro enclosure in the back.

Secondly, I have been working on a brand identity for all my wares, with the plan of marketing them for sale on a broader scale. Thus is born Baby Hobo (TM)! We have a logo. Thanks to the amazing designer Libby Vanderploeg of Libby Vanderploeg Design, New York for being a great friend and artist. I mean, lookatit!:

Problems in the development of a tiny little line of upcycled clothes and accessories for babies and children have included but are not limited to:

1. Anaseli the Nanny backing out one day before her scheduled start. That is two weeks of anticipating some uninterrupted sewing/ business time. Now I'm moving on to Yoli.

2. Marc from AllCity labels in New York is a hack and is trying to take more than 5 weeks to get my ordered twill labels to me. He failed to recognize that a.) I understand the printing process and know it should take very little time to send me a layout approval and b.) if your printing press (in Kowloon, Hong Kong) is going to take a vacation for a week and delay my order, you should know that and disclose it in advance, and c.) the Chinese NEVER take a weeks vacation- even for the New Year. So stuff it, All City Labels, you are CANCELLED. And when Baby Hobo (TM) makes it big, you will be sorry. Okay, maybe you won't be that sorry, but in my petty imagination, you'll be a little bit regretful that were so unprofessional, my friend.

3. I'm going to have some helpers. My dear friend Steve Hettrich is going to work with me on some creative ideas, and hopefully, his lovely wife Stephanie on some marketing ideas at some point. I couldn't ask for better people to be on board with Baby Hobo (TM)- (That is annoying, that little TM, but you know, you have to stake a claim (in print) to your Hobo in order to have it all your own.)

4. And the last of the problems is that The Bachelor Jake Pavelka has wittled down his final choices to a crazy virginal churchfreak that looks and acts like a mouse from An American Story, and a coked up hooker with a lazy eye. I've spent some time trying to understand what's going on there.

Amidst all this, I managed to finish this here baby girl's tunic. It is constructed from some old sweatshirts and t-shirts, of course. Sadly, my bebe is a little, umm, portly to have it fit properly and the neck opening hugs up on her and makes the shoulder flaps look like military epaulets. Oh well. Can't help it if my milk's so gooooooood. I'm working on a modified cut already.

Here's a pic though:

And the lining for the top half:


  1. So awesome! Congratulations!! -Ano

  2. This is so cool, Lisa. A baby Hobo star is born!

  3. Great stuff! I would buy your stuff for my baby both because it's cute and because I'm a big fan of the word hobo.

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