A Snuggly Cravat...

"Itchy Velcro on my face, button marks, zipper scratches? Bitch, who needs it?!"

As you can imagine, I was taken aback when I overheard my seven month old daughter Josephine say this to her playdate the other day...and then when she said:

"Shu, one more raked up chin situation and I'm 'bout to jump this buggy and move on to a mother who cares about me! You feel me, puppy?"

WHOA. So I made her this merino wool and fine knit jersey cravat to protect her delicate (and let's say "abundant") chin from the abuse of her coat collars and their attendant face-raking hardware. Former lives were a sweater and a pillowcase, respectively. One end goes through a large buttonhole in the other end and it stays snug and attractive just like that.

There will be more of these. Oh yes there will. A cravat for every child, and a child for every cravat. Dig it.


  1. Modern ascott. Mascott. Nice. Fred wants one.
    PS - Am I allowed to upload photo of famous cape?

  2. Absolutely you can upload cape!