A "Pre-Post", If You Will...

Do you know Glennon Melton?  If you don't yet, and you are a mother, or sister, or friend, or HUMAN, for that matter, you will be enjoy very much much finding out who she is.  Here's this bad-ass book she wrote:

She is the writer of the well-known website Momastery and she is a mighty warrior, indeed.

I was invited, along with countless other writers, to participate in Glennon's "Messy, Beautiful Warriors Project".  So I am to post an essay on my blog and then it is linked on the Momastery site.  So exciting, right?

There's one hitch though.  The purpose of the project, and let me see if I can get this right, is to reach out to others through the power of truthful storytelling.  Glennon is inviting us to share the hardest hard parts for the whole of humanity to see, so that we might make connections and grow a web of strength and resolve and all that.  BALLS.  I'm thinking tales of my bathroom renovation isn't the Eternal Link of All Sisters, so I decided I need to dig a little deeper.

I decided to write an essay that is so deeply personal and difficult that it's going to be really really hard to push that 'Publish" button.  And I wanted to tell you, not to build anticipation or anything, but so you aren't gobsmacked over the radical shift from musings about drywall and sewing placemats into something profoundly serious and whatnot.

I guess this is a buffer post:)

But it has caused me think a lot about what my blog is for and who my blog is for.  And at the very great risk of sounding SUPER cheesy, I decided that I think my blog is for us.  I mean, I could always just keep a diary, right?  Or post my creative projects on a private Pinterest page or something.  But I am an inveterate Sharer.  (Or Over-sharer, depending on who you ask.)  And I get a feeling of being, I don't know, useful, when I think someone might read what I write and be inspired to make something, or share themselves more or laugh.  The more I tell the truth, the bigger that feeling gets for me.  So wait, it IS about Me.  Dammit.

Anyway, maybe you'll come with me on this one tomorrow.  That is all, pretty people.


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