It's Happening Again. Terrible Hats 2.0

Aww, poor little guy thought I was over that embarrassing thing where I work on winter hats an make the children try them on when they're in the pattern fitting stage.

He looks at old pictures like this one of Phinny and laughs, thinking ha ha, you really got the worst of mom's bad sewing didn't...WAIT!  WHAT?!:


Who's laughing now?

Your sister, that's who.

She comforts you, gently whispering, "It's okay little buddy, she won't make you wear this out in public- it's just a rough draft.  Just a rough draft, little buddy.  There there."

This hat is yet another expression of my inability to believe in the limitations of old sweatshirts paired with double-sided fleecy whatever that stuff is called.  I will update you on further humilations iterations of this hat.

Isn't it just terrible what I do to my children.  Terrible.  But when you force a fifth grade tomboy to wear a handmade approximation of Annie's orphan dress and participate in a "Little Orphan Annie Personality-Alike" contest and she wins a Jackson Browne LP and a coupon for unlimited Mr. Turkey hotdogs, this is the result.  It seeps down through generations.  

No one will ever be safe from Mr. Turkey.

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