A Quiet Japanese Couple

Perhaps by now you're craving a palette cleanser for all the emotional posting that's been going on around here- an antidote to my cathartic oversharing.

And so I give you "The Quiet Japanese Couple", a textile series I've been working on in the studio.  (SEE, there is still the sewing!  And you thought it was going to be all that touchy-feely stuff all the time.)

They are chambray fabric backed by some kind of freaky starched poplin I had in the studio and then thin batting in between.  Follow by sewing for ten thousand hours each and here you go.  They're really just placemats, and I planned to make a set of six, but they are so lovely as a pair, I am torn!  (As I usually do you the courtesy, I will note here that I refrained from more than one joke about "looming decisions", etc.)

I want to offer you the chance to admit that you too *swoon* when faced with chambray selvedge.  When marrying the selvedge of nice chambray becomes legal in the eyes of the federal government, I will be there.  Marrying the selvedge of nice chambray.

The Quiet Japanese Couple is a set of two panels that are inspired by Japanese boro textiles, which I just cannot get enough of.  You feel the same way, no doubt.  I mean, look at these muvs!:



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