Baby Hobo On The Horizon

That sounds like part of a retelling of some weird acid trippy dream "Then, there was like this boat?  A boat?  Yeah, I think a boat, sailing toward me, and it had like this, baby hobo in it!  It was SO WEIRD!"

I would like to, in this single post, tell you everything I have learned. Ever. No just kidding.  only things I've learned in the last month.

1.  Babies cry because they're babies sometimes and you don't have to do a touchdown dive toward them the moment they make a peep.

2.  Booze DOES HELP.

3.  Businesses (like Baby Hobo), grow gradually, not overnight.  Especially when you have thirteen thousand kids.

When you spill a whole cup of coffee on your computer, your number FOUR key will never type a FOUR again.

5.  You should spend every cent you have on help to keep you from losing your shit because you have thirteen thousand kids.  Make up for it later.

6.  I need to do creative work.  I thought I was going to immerse myself in mothering until the day all of my children are in school full time.  I feel immersed alright, like I'm drowning.  I cannot do this twenty-four hours a day every day.  I need help and I need to do my own creative work.  For the good of everyone.  Luckily, I'm with a partner who calmly recognizes this, and feels the same way (on my behalf), so she's been totally on board helping re-evaluate the plan.

7.  I want to make money doing creative work.  I've stopped doing myself the disservice of thinking of it as a hobby, and decided once and for all that creativity really is an important part of my identity. To respect my talent, I want to use it to make money- so I can contribute to all the other abundance and privilege I've been afforded.

8.  Doing my own creative work is infinitely more satisfying than being an art dealer.  I liked the curating aspect of that gig, but the toil! the interpersonal heartbreak! the lack of tangible reward!  None of these are (so far) part of sewing baby shoes. It seems way easier to build a brand of useful products than to massage a vague, pretentious identity for an art gallery.

10.  A person can be addicted to tofu.  "Hello.  My name is Lisa.  I'm an addict."

11.  Eat less + run = skinnier.

Now.  There are two hot, sweaty guys building out the interior of my new studio as we speak (which, 100 degrees in a closed room?  You couldn't pay me enough), so by this time nest week, I expect to be putting up a final coat of paint and moving in!  My equipment that is, not me.  Although, on a tough night, you never know.

My amazing store, Green Genes is so awesome, and they are really supportive of all my ideas and work I'm making.  So, in the fall, I expect to see a slew- yes A SLEW of Baby Hobo products available there and on Supermarket.  Finally!  Woot.  I said woot.

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