Lee Bontecoute

You pronounce today's blog post title in a Michigan accent, so it sounds like this:  "Lee Bon-tuh-CUOTE".  Get it?!  An art/ quilting play on words, yall. To what other mom blog can you go for such linguistic tom-foolery?

You see, once I got way far into this color scheme, I realized I didn't have green pieces big enough to complete the spokes, so I had to piece it together.  I decided I was okay with the fractured glass pattern thing and then when the center of the quilt turned all vortexy and swollen, all I could think of was Bontecou sculptures.  It makes me want to do a whole series of them. 

Anyway, yeah, the whole thing is a wobble now, owing to the design of thin strips of bulky fabric conjoining at the center.  I mean, I sort of knew that might happen, but you know- me and physics, we have an adversarial relationship.  So I'm trying to figure out what to do about it.  I have this two projects rule going so I can't just move on from it.   

Oops, how did that picture get in here?  Bonus cute.  Annika Hedy.  What a pleasure is this baby.

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