Seamless Hats for Tiny Noggins

So I was making hats for baby Simon when an odd thing occurred to me.  All the seams inside a hat seems gnarly and cumbersome up against such a fragile, sensitive noggin.  That's why we all ended up putting that boring little hospital-issue hat on baby for the first month at home.  Lame, people.  Lame.  Babies need style too.  That's when everyone is coming to check them out, and the last thing they want is to be seen in that ratty little thing with a giant "Northwestern Memorial" stamp on it.  So now I am making seamless hats for newborns (and older babies too), that have all flat, internal seams.  They are double layered jersey, so they are quite cozy.

Here's pictures of them seen from the back, where they are shamelessly emblazoned with the Baby Hobo tag. It's not nearly as intrusive in real life as it seems in these pictures. 

Made from old t-shirts, as is the Baby Hobo custom:

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