Of the Category: People Who Get Amazing Opportunities

Artist Robert Fontenot, based in Los Angeles, has found himself one remarkable privilege, I must say. He has gained ownership over a significant trove of de-accessioned textiles from the Los Angeles Museum of Art and is allowed to do whatever he wants with them.

He has undertaken the huge and admirable project of re-purposing them one by one into an assortment of sometimes fantastic, sometimes weirdly artful and occasionally, I'll say it, not-so-inventive objects. He documents the process on his blog, http://recyclelacma.blogspot.com/

Overall, a beautiful project of which I am very envious! Someone give me some de-accessioned schtuff from a museum textile department!

Here are a couple highlights from Fontenot's expansive project:

A pair of knickers made into a beautiful pair of boxing gloves...

And also this, a Turkish embroidered textile, turned wastebasket (cover):

I like it, Robert Fontenot.

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