More Ways to Sit on My Arse!

For many months now, I have been closing the door (literally) on my Structo Artcraft 4-harness loom. It sits in the closet, surviving thrice monthly attempts by my wife to get rid of it because I don't use it. But she is an honorary Japanese person with her incredibly efficient use of space.

But I resist! And I will warp that loom and I will make a scarf for myself. I saw a woven scarf of fat orange yarn and I intend to copy that idea. I have no excuse saying "I can't remember how to warp a loom, I don't have time, it hurts my back", blah, blarh.

I mean, check out this crazy chick and her backstrap loom. Shu, I can't even sit like that in yoga for like 5 minutes. And she's smiling. I should be able to make a damn scarf.

PS I know you were all on the edge of your seat waiting for a post about a loom. And now you have it.

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