Baby, baby, let me fix my weave!-- Missy Eliott

My foray into weaving last fall was a boon to my fragile and scattered psyche and has served to whip my obsession with textiles into an unmanageable froth of excitemet. Now, if I could just find the time to do some more actual weaving. Here's where I started with a test run woven on a little rigid Heddle loom:

This initial entry into the world of weave has yielded two projects so far. A nubbly entry rug made by sewing wool around some rope and weaving on a homemade tapestry loom:

And a scarf-like piece called "So A Swede Walks Into a Bris..." which, much to my excitement, sold to a member of the textiles department at the Field Museum of Natural History. A nice piece of beginner's inspiration, no? Shu. Woven on my 1920s Structo Artcraft 4-harness loom.

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